Spring Equinox 2017 has brought for me the end of a nine year journey. March 21st 2008 I was invited on an astrology course which inspired a project which began as a performance with song called Keys to the Golden City. Following a conversation with a friend about one of my weird stories of synchronicity it was suggested that I wrote them down, ‘people like to hear these stories’ she said. Thinking I’d give it a go I started to write and 80,000 words and three months later I produced the first draft of my book Journey to the Golden City.

The following year, purely through an interesting set of circumstances and what I would put down to as synchronicity I found myself being taken on by an agent who spent the next four years knocking on the doors of all the Mind, Body, Spirit publishing houses. It created a lot of interest but no more than that. Such is the way if you are not already published or famous.

Meanwhile I began recording the performance into a CD. This became rather more of a beast than I had bargained for. Recording a solo album that I could be happy with was rather like staring at myself in a mirror and working tirelessly till I was happy with what I saw. It took five years and many re-recordings of my vocals but finally, last year it was completed and I was happy.

Three years before I had moved to Frome and became aware of the Frome Writers Collective and joined the group. I was very excited by what was going on as it seemed the collective was developing into exactly what I was looking for, a body of people coming together with a huge amount of experience and expertise, willing to offer their services.

Meanwhile I began looking for a publishing company who could help me self-publish my book. One of the companies that affiliated itself with FWC was Troubador Publishing and after examining all the different services it offered I decided to go with them. It took six months to go from acceptance to having the books delivered to my door and I am not going to say it was an easy ride but it was certainly a steep learning curve. Whenever I struggled with things my new Frome friends and the FWC always came to my rescue.

I am so happy having it completed but although one journey has ended it has actually just changed gear. Having brought the book to a point of creation it now requires nurturing and putting out into the big wide world. Marketing has never been a passion of mine and frankly I can’t wait to get back to the creative aspect of my work as this book and CD are actually part of a trilogy and book two awaits.

Next time with so much hindsight I will venture forth knowing that the FWC has so much to offer that I will certainly dip into its wealth of skills and use them alongside Troubador’s services. I sense it will be a much easier ride next time, but isn’t that always the case. I can only offer a huge thank you to the FWC knowing that everything came together for me in a beautifully synchronistic turn of events.

Vicki Burke



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