Hi there – this is our first ever blog, so here’s a bit about ourselves:

We’re a writers’ collective, based in Frome, Somerset. We started the group around three years ago with the idea of writers sharing information, organising literary events and generally supporting each other with encouragement and ideas to help our writing.

We’ve grown a bit since then – from having ten writers involved at the start, to having over ninety of us now in the network. We’ve promised ourselves a party when we get to a hundred members!

Now, seems to us like a good time to begin a blog – with different people posting thoughts, notes, quotes, queries and tips, as well as sharing the frustrations and funny bits that go with being a writer and part of a group. We’d love to hear from other collectives/groups/writers out there too.

If anyone would like to look us up, we’re at fromewriterscollective.co.uk and on Facebook and Twitter.

We’ll post again soon, but – meanwhile – back to the writing!

Frome Writers’ Collective (FWC)



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    1. Apology Ooooops. Those multiple Ts are tricky things. Your message has been speedily passed on to the website team.


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